Monday, 17 June 2013

Hazan Motorworks - Bullet 500

I try to not repost too much stuff from other blogs, and especially not from the big sites like Bike Exif and Pipe Burn. Not that I have any objections against them, but the stuff they post has been seen by the world, so why should I repost it.

Well, every now and again a bike crosses my path that leaves me in awe.

It's one of those bikes that has captured the elusive balance of style and over the top. It's one of the rare bikes that just screams class and dedication. A bike that makes the aweful firestone tyres look classy. It makes my own projects seem slightly incompetent and at the same time fills me with inspiration for my own victims.

It's an utterly stunning bike.

Spotted at Pipe Burn. Check out the entire article for more info.

Photography by David Hans Cooke and E3MC

And, ofcourse, check out Hazan's own facebook page for good build pics.